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Know what home loan you qualify for

Our completely free, no strings attached affordability assessment puts you in a better position to buy a home, saving you time and trouble.

Simply complete the form below and a consultant will contact you with the results. If it is a joint application, please complete one form per applicant.

Personal Details

First Name


ID Number

Cellphone Number

Work Tel Number

Email Address



Income Details

Basic Salary (Basic salary on payslip - before deductions and additional income)

Commission / Overtime Income (Average over last 6 months)

Allowances (For example housing allowance, etc)

Other Income (For example Rental / Investment Income, etc)

Salary Deductions (Deductions as shown on payslip)

Expenses Details

Please do not include anything under expenses if it goes off your salary as a deduction.

Assurance Life (incl. retirement annuity, life insurance, etc)

Levies / Rates

Existing Bond Payments (please leave out if you are selling the property)

Property Rental (please leave out if this will fall away when you buy)

Water & Lights


Child Maintenance / Alimony

Domestic Wages

Education (Fees / Books / Accommodation)

Entertainment (Gym / Restaurants / Movies / etc)

Groceries (Food / Liquor / etc)

Investments (Endowments / Unit Trusts / etc)

Medical Aid Payments / Expenses (please leave out if your medical aid payment goes off your salary as a deduction)

Subscriptions (MNet / Dstv / Telkom / etc )

Security / Armed Response / Vehicle Security (Blue Security / Netstar / Tracker / etc )

Short Term Insurance (Vehicle Insurance / Home Contents Insurance / etc )

Credit Card Minimum Payments

Retail Accounts Minimum Payments (Edgars / Makro / Truworths / etc )

Personal Loan Payments

Vehicle Finance Payments

Petrol / Transport Costs

Any Other Monthly Expenses

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