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Know what home loan you qualify for

Our completely free, no strings attached affordability assessment puts you in a better position to buy a home, saving you time and trouble.

Simply complete the form below and a consultant will contact you with the results. If it is a joint application, please complete one form per applicant.

    Personal Details

    First Name


    ID Number

    Cellphone Number

    Work Tel Number

    Email Address

    Marital Status



    Income Details

    Basic Salary (Basic salary on payslip - before deductions and additional income)

    Commission / Overtime Income (Average over last 6 months)

    Allowances (For example housing allowance, etc)

    Other Income (For example Rental / Investment Income, etc)

    Salary Deductions (Deductions as shown on payslip)

    Expenses Details

    Please do not include anything under expenses if it goes off your salary as a deduction.

    Assurance Life (incl. retirement annuity, life insurance, etc)

    Levies / Rates

    Existing Bond Payments (please leave out if you are selling the property)

    Property Rental (please leave out if this will fall away when you buy)

    Water & Lights


    Child Maintenance / Alimony

    Domestic Wages

    Education (Fees / Books / Accommodation)

    Entertainment (Gym / Restaurants / Movies / etc)

    Groceries (Food / Liquor / etc)

    Investments (Endowments / Unit Trusts / etc)

    Medical Aid Payments / Expenses (please leave out if your medical aid payment goes off your salary as a deduction)

    Subscriptions (MNet / Dstv / Telkom / etc )

    Security / Armed Response / Vehicle Security (Blue Security / Netstar / Tracker / etc )

    Short Term Insurance (Vehicle Insurance / Home Contents Insurance / etc )

    Credit Card Minimum Payments

    Retail Accounts Minimum Payments (Edgars / Makro / Truworths / etc )

    Personal Loan Payments

    Vehicle Finance Payments

    Petrol / Transport Costs

    Any Other Monthly Expenses

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